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The Hunger Games Left Me Hungry For More!

Wow. When I came out of that movie, I was amazed. Why? It was not just because Katniss was an amazing character….but also the fact that I saw many similarities to our government. I truly think this will wake us up. In all of my rants I have stated that I kind of have a thing for hunks…well, Cato qualifies. And ladies…stop worrying….he’s mine.


What is Romance?

Welcome to my blog, folks! Today is my first day of blogging on WordPress. I’ve written for about a year now, and I’m aspiring to be a author. I’m 19 and just out of high school. I’m from Ohio, and I am into the genre of romance, comedy, and anything popular.

Anyways…what is romance? Why do we crave it? Let’s explore that!

Romance is love. Its a beautiful thing. It means being supportive for whoever you are with (cheating shouldn’t count as romance even though it is love…they are not supportive). I am so entrenched into the Twilight Saga that I am intrigued by romance novels. Nothing like Twilight or the Hunger Games in my opinion. Back on the topic, but romance is a genre that seems to follow teens, middle aged women, and older women looking for a thrill.

– Felice