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Poem – “Letters from Home” by Felice Miley

By Felice Miley


Letters from home are like butter to toast – nothing is complete without them
Even though we text and talk, a letter from home cannot be beat
Time is captured with each new note, gripping at our loving throats
Though time passes, letters keep, everything we need to sleep
Evolution may cause them to go, but everything you write is still yours
Romance can be found in each of them, telling what you mean to send
Sent in hopes that the receiver will have tears of joy

For our hearts, our ever mending hearts
Reserecting our inner desires
Overjoyed in not just a simple feeling
More or less it is love in the purest essence

Having hope is a step towards the future
Overcoming obstacles in every way
Making sacrifices for others to make them happy
Ever changing, nothing is more special than letters from home