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Love in Paranormal

Strange, you say? What about Twilight? Vampires and shape-shifters/werewolves are paranormal. They did it well. I mean, Jacob and Edward (no, they were not the romance points of each other) were both after Bella. Paranormal romance is not uncommon. Wolves, vampires, ghosts, ghouls, and so on…they all connect in romance.


Finding Romance Through the Twilight Saga

I’m a Twilight Saga fan. I won’t deny that. But, I’m not going to be one of those chicks who goes out and gets a Goth beau just to be hip, or get an Edward or Jacob tattoo. That fad is coming to a close. Anyways, I found romance through the saga a different way…I’m in love with the stories. Personally, I’m Team Jacob, but this is a bit different. 

I mean, who couldn’t love a hunk like that? But anyway, I love the saga because it describes the true human nature. We all have it in us to be that aggressive wolf or that passive but protective vampire.

– Felice

What is Romance?

Welcome to my blog, folks! Today is my first day of blogging on WordPress. I’ve written for about a year now, and I’m aspiring to be a author. I’m 19 and just out of high school. I’m from Ohio, and I am into the genre of romance, comedy, and anything popular.

Anyways…what is romance? Why do we crave it? Let’s explore that!

Romance is love. Its a beautiful thing. It means being supportive for whoever you are with (cheating shouldn’t count as romance even though it is love…they are not supportive). I am so entrenched into the Twilight Saga that I am intrigued by romance novels. Nothing like Twilight or the Hunger Games in my opinion. Back on the topic, but romance is a genre that seems to follow teens, middle aged women, and older women looking for a thrill.

– Felice